A few blogs we’ve designed over the years

Clean, simple, minimal (with a touch of bold). That’s the overarching theme behind all of our designs.

While we’re only now just launching this service publicly, here are a few blogs that we’ve designed over the years.


RankXL was my SEO blog that I built from the ground up in 2015 (acquired in 2019). RankXL was my design playground and it went through dozens of design iterations including this one, that was nominated for a design award by Awwwards. Since the acquisition, the design has changed a little bit (not by me). The images above display the design that I maintained while it was still under my ownership.


FinanceFox was a newly developed personal finance website when we were approached. This client required more custom work than others as they wanted custom designed pages for all of their affiliate pages, and also wanted a custom designed homepage. One of the challenges was to design the affiliate boxes (credit card info boxes) to stand out and have a clean layout while still displaying all necessary info. The ideology behind designing FinanceFox was to give it a clean, modern look while giving off a bit of a “professional journalism” vibe given the nature of the blog’s topic.


CozySimple is a lifestyle blog that rebranded earlier in the year. Their old design was outdated, and used a free generic WordPress theme and a logo made in Microsoft Paint. They were in love with the site design of BoredPanda, and wanted something similar.

Budgeting Blogger

Budgeting Blogger was one of our first clients. The founder, Katie Ren, was a friend of mine who I met while running RankXL and she reached out when she wanted to build a personal blog around the topics of blogging and budgeting. She was looking for a clean minimal design with no distractions from the content.

Lost For Travel

Lost For Travel was designed as a hybrid between a portfolio & travel blog for social media influencer and marketing writer, Coral Ouellette. Because her blog was brand new and we didn’t have much content to work with, we went with a large full-screen homepage that could be added onto later on without looking bare.

Great Big Trail

Great Big Trail was one of our first clients built for an affiliate marketer. The plan was to grow it into an authority site, and he just wanted something that looked professional, themed around the outdoors, and done quickly. We were able to build and launch the complete design in just 3 days.