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Boring Pixel is a design studio specializing in building beautiful blogging experiences on WordPress.

Who’s behind this?

I am! I’m Chris Lee. For years, I’ve been building and developing my own WordPress themes for my blogs and affiliate sites.

While SEO and digital marketing is how I earned my living for the past 10 years, design is my passion.

When I launch new blogs and affiliate sites, I have to admit the most enjoyable part of the process is putting up the site. Creating the logo, building a custom theme design from scratch, planning the layout and color schemes, these are all what seem to excite me the most.

I believe that a professional looking design is the most important factor in giving off a good first impression when people land on your blog. A strong design can improve user experience, increase on-site metrics, and even increase the likelihood of getting backlinks.

Therefore, I decided to start Boring Pixel to share my love of designing WordPress blogs with the public.

Changing the way custom blog designs are done

Custom blog designs used to be for just one type of customer: The uber successful blogger who makes 6-figures per year and is willing to invest $8,000+ into a custom theme. The design process can take up to a year from start to finish, going through multiple iterations, revisions, and back and forths on every single detail.

That’s not the market I built Boring Pixel to serve.

Boring Pixel was built for bloggers and marketers who just want an awesome looking WordPress blog or affiliate site without going through a “redesign year”.

Pricing is simple, a fraction of what design agencies cost, and work is delivered in 7 days or less.

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