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Boring Pixel is a design service specializing in building beautiful business websites and portfolios. We’re located in Vancouver, BC and we’re addicted to coffee and simplifying processes to the point they’re boring.

What that means for clients: You get a team of hyped up, enthusiastic, (over)caffeinated creatives who work more efficiently than anything you’ve ever witnessed before.

Pricing negotiations suck

We’re a bunch of creatives. We’re not sales people. And while we love design, we hate the negotiations and sales aspect of working with clients. And more than anything, we believe clients should not be charged differently based on their “stated budget”.

Not only that, but the process after the website is launched is just another big sales cycle.

Can we offer you our maintenance service?
Can we optimize your site for SEO?
Do you want to take over the domain and hosting management or do you want to pay us to?

We tried to think of a way we can get around that, while offering something different than what the traditional process looks like.

The result?

Probably the most affordable and simplest website design service that ever existed. We charge just $99/month for everything. That includes 24/7 support if you need help, unlimited updates and changes made to the site per month, and management of all domain and hosting accounts.

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