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Whether you’ve been blogging for years or just starting out, we’ll make your blog look like a 7-figure media company.

“It all comes back to trust. Think of where you would be entering your credit card information and never blink, wondering whether it was really secure, to every website we see now on the Internet that focuses on design. It’s such an important signal of trust and that, to us, was the key thing that we were willing to spend some money on.”

This is one of my favorite quotes of Derek Flanzraich’s mentality about design and the reason why he made his first large investment getting a custom design done when he built Greatist, now one of the largest health and wellness websites in the world.

And it aligns exactly with our belief at Boring Pixel. Especially when you’re a brand new publication, great design that builds trust as soon as a visitor lands on the page, without having read any of your content yet, is the goal and mission of every website we build.

We’re Changing The Way Custom WordPress Designs Are Done

Getting a custom blog design makes your blog stand out. It makes you look professional, unique. It shows your audience that you care about the way your brand comes across.

Unfortunately, custom blog designs can cost north of $8,000 and usually take months to get from initial consult to launched website. The wireframing and revisions periods alone can take over 60 days.

We do things differently.

We take a limited number of projects each month and go all in on each client we take. We work fast and try to deliver all projects in one week from start to finish. No sales teams. No middlemen. No junior designers. No handing you off to departments. When you hire us, you’re our main priority.

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We’re not for everybody…

If you’re somebody who would prefer the traditional design process and invest $8000+ into your design project, and move thoroughly one-by-one through each and every aspect of your design with 50+ design iterations, then we’re not the right fit for you.

Our ideal client is someone who wants a serious blog design without investing 5-figures and committing to months in the development process.

We’re a good fit if you…

Just want a really good looking blog.
Would probably never want to invest 5-figures into a blog design.
Don’t want to wait months for completion. You just want something awesome up quickly.
Hate spending hours setting up a new blog and would rather outsource it and belive in the power of strong design & branding.

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What It Costs

Simple one-off pricing. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. No “setup” fees. No quoting based on budget. Just one flat rate.

Starting at $1500

*Pricing based on scope of project and number of individual custom page designs. Contact us for more information.

What You Get

Complete site design or re-design from start to finish

📌 Custom logo
📌 Custom WordPress theme designed & developed to your specifications
📌 Custom font designs
📌 Custom page layouts and designs (optional)
📌 Light-weight, minimal, and built for speed & efficiency
📌 Perfectly optimized for SEO
📌 Everything delivered in 1 week.

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How It Works

Our design process is as simplified as it gets. That means faster project delivery.

Step 1:
Fill out our form with what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 2:
Once we start your project, your custom blog design will be delivered in 1 week.

Step 3:
If you’re unsatisfied, we’ll work with you to get it right. If not, that’s it! Enjoy your new fancy look.

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